The Ghost of TJ.

  Well, it’s Saturday. I’ve been home alone all weekend, and I really don’t know what to do with myself. Draco is coming to stay the night with me, and keep me company. That’s not until later tonight, though. As for now, I’m cleaning my house, with breaks in between, because this shit is daunting. … More The Ghost of TJ.

My Letter to TJ.

  TJ, I’m not writing this because I miss you. I’m not writing this because I want to. I’m writing this because I have to. I understand that this is a letter that you’ll never read. But there’s been so many things on my mind that I can’t tell you. Not anymore, at least. I … More My Letter to TJ.

The Single Life.

  And 22 days later, I’m back, writing my shitty little life away on this sad little blog. In fact, so much has changed in the past 22 days. I can’t even believe it. Well, I’m no longer with TJ, and our breakup was quite possibly one of the most messiest in existence. I don’t … More The Single Life.

What Have I Done?

  Good afternoon, world. I’m craving a cigarette, and I’m also having a shit ton of regret. Why, you ask? Well, if TJ finds out what I did last night, he’s not going to be very happy. So, since I can’t really tell anyone, I guess I’ll just resort to admitting my wrongs on the … More What Have I Done?

This Weekend.

  Well, I hope things are taking a turn for the better. TJ called me last night, and we talked for a little bit, until he realized that he needs to take action with this work shit, since his boss won’t give him a break. He needs to take matters into his own hands. So, … More This Weekend.