Breaking the Law.

Well, internet.

I saw Taylor again today, and I think we might actually make this moving out thing work.

He and I may be going back to Disney Springs at some point, and I thought of a terrible, yet possibly genius idea.

Remember when I said that he and I stole about $400 worth of shit from there before?

Well, if we do it again this time around, we should try to resell it, and we’d be making sheer profit.

I’m sorry, but that shit is too expensive, and we need money ASAP to get our lives in order.

I’m fucking blind, so nobody is going to want to hire me until I get my surgery done, and Taylor isn’t hearing back from anyone.

So, sadly, we need to make money somehow, especially now.

I’m willing to bust my ass to make this work, and he said he was, too.

Speaking of which, he worked two jobs so he and his ex could get a place together, but she ended up changing her mind and leaving him to dry.

In other words, I know he’s capable of busting his ass if he wants to.

And if he fucks around, you bet your ass I’m going to hold that against him.

Like I said, I know this is all wrong and it’s better to actually work for it, but we just need money.

It’s as simple as that.

I’m literally going to go through my shit, sell what I can, and store the money away for what we’ll need.

He brings the moving thing up on his own, so I know he’s serious about it.

We looked at a super affordable apartment online, which was decently sized.

The deposit was cheap, the rent was doable, so if anything, we may end up there.

And what we looked at was a 2 bedroom, which we really don’t need the extra room, but if we can afford that, then why not?

I have two words: game room.

Plus, if I sell the shit I don’t want anymore, then it’s less for me to move out.

And like I said, Taylor’s cousin’s girlfriend is a realtor, so in a pinch, I’m sure she’d be willing to help us out.

And we wouldn’t need a lot of furniture at first, and also, like I said before, we don’t need a fully-furnished house to start with.

It’s just so exciting to think that we will have our OWN space to ourselves.

It may not be much, but it’d be good enough for the time being.

I think Taylor and I can make this work.

But I’m kind of leaning toward the Disney thing, because people like Disney, and it’s sheer profit.

It may be wrong on all levels, but it’s quick, easy money.

And once again, that’s something Taylor and I really need right now.

Basically, for this to work for us, we need a fuck load of money.

I think he and I may go look at that place I mentioned earlier tomorrow to get an idea.

Even though we’re nowhere near close, it still wouldn’t hurt to do something adultish.



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